Forgive Me - Unreal Cinematic Horror Story

Hi guys,

I’ve just released my first Unreal Cinematic Short for Halloween on YouTube, check it out:

This was a year long project and I learnt an awful lot: writing the story based around a nightmare I dreamt, working with a producer for the music and sound effects and then using Unreal Engine to create visuals to bring it all to life. I couldn’t have done it without all the assets provide by UE4 and the community here.

It would be awesome to have the chance to get this spotlit so if you are curious please do check it out. Any and all feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Yasmin (YagmanX)


Really different. Visually unique with a very interesting mood :smiley:

The only thing that is a left down for me since I’m a French person & that my English is rather average is that after ±5 mins I stop the video because it is too obvious the woman is reading and the tone is all the same all along the video. It miss ponctuation, small pause to give the text more depth and punch.

But in all, it’s very good :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is great feedback and I whole heartedly agree. Next time I will allow for more pause and silence so the viewer can enjoy the visuals a bit more :slight_smile: