Forge Online - Topdown Sandbox MMORPG [Crowdfunded]

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We’re fully aware that creating a MMO is a massive undertaking. We’ve created a plan as to how we’re going to accomplish this, even if the multiplayer part turns out to be infeasable or unrealistic, we still have ideas that would make for a really fun to play game. Working with us won’t mean payment until we actually sell copies of our game. Our game will depend on crowdfunding but even if that wouldn’t take off we’re creating this game because we love the idea and there is no such game on the market at the moment. Working with us is relaxed and fun, and we’re not pushy at all. We love learning from each other and sharing experiences that in the end will make us better at what we love to do.

Forge Online is a topdown sandbox MMORPG that all revolves around gathering resources, refining and trading. Players will be able to craft virtually anything in this game (weapons, armor, even buildings), but there will ofcourse also be combat in this game. We’re aiming for a class system that allows you to combine skillsets (similar to ArcheAge) which then makes up your class. This system wouldn’t be linked to the gear you’d traditionally have to wear, so you could go mage but still wear heavy armor. We’re not sure as to how we want combat to work, we’d rather have dynamic combat similar to Guild Wars as opposed to the traditional point and click combat that usually comes with topdown games. Combat however is not the main focus of this game. With Forge Online we want a crafting system similar to RuneScape, where for example you’d have to mine ore, then refine and smelt the ore into whatever metal you need and then smith the item. Players would not have incentive to keep doing that if they were just doing it for their own character(s). So in Forge Online towns depend on certain items to keep their economy going. Players will have to transfer goods from town to town in order to prevent those towns from becoming abandoned, or perhaps even save it’s inhabitants from starvation by bringing them food in hard to reach places. Along these trade routes however, there are thieves that would like to steal your goods and sell them on the black market. This is where we introduce jobs. Similar to the old game Silkroad Online players can choose to either be a Trader, Mercenary or Thief to either trade, protect or steal goods which will form the basis for our PvP system. This doesn’t mean the entire world has PvP, most towns fall under protection of the kingdom, but there are places and towns that do not. These places offer higher rewards ofcourse, but PvP will be allowed since there is no protection from the Kingdom, so players could loose their goods.

These are the core mechanics of our game, but we have alot more ideas for this world which we would like to keep secret.:o

Art style and visuals
In terms of the game’s look we’re aiming for a cartoony-esque look and feel similar to Albion Online. We will be trying to incorporate this stylized cartoony-esque style into almost every aspect of our game, including UI. As a matter of fact, everything in the game will be coherent with the style we’re going for, and even the website will have the Forge online look. We really want to immerse the player in a pittoresque world that is pretty and pleasing to look at. We’re hoping our players will play for many hours at a time, and that’s no fun when you have to look at something that is ugly. So this is really something that we’ll invest some time in.

Current Progress
We already have an inventory & equipment system in place, and we’re currently working on our crafting system. This is all done in blueprints for now as we would like to demo the game in singleplayer mode (alongside features we’d like to keep secret for now), so none of the networking has been taken care of yet. We’re looking for C++ Programmers to design a backend framework for Forge Online that we can make calls to.


3D Character Modeling / Rigging / Animation
We’re looking for an experienced 3D Character Artists that can do an entire pipeline from start to finish with regard to creating characters. This means we’re looking for someone that can model (in line with our artstyle), rig and skin said model, animate it, and last but not least import it to the Unreal Engine correctly, and set up the animations using Persona.

C++ Programmer(s)
We need C++ programmers that know how to work with UE4’s coding structure for several game mechanics. You’ll be working very closely with our blueprint whizkids and translate their work into code. You’ll have to take optimization and efficiency into account when doing this job. We’re also looking for C++ programmers that have experience with setting up a multiplayer framework, network replication, and backend related stuff. If you are responsible for the backend of this project, you’ll probably have to work very closely with the webdevelopers to create a secure system at some point. We also need C++ programmers that can do game optimization and bugsmashing. Any C++ programmers with experience in doing UI are also welcome.

Visual Effect Artist(s)
Particle FX Artist - We’re looking for people that know how to work with UE4’s particle system to do very stylized/cartoony-esque particle effects for skills, environmental stuff such as torches, weather effects, but also small details such as footprints and stuff like that.
Unreal Engine Lighting Expert - We’re also looking for someone that knows his/her stuff about lighting in Unreal Engine 4. Forge Online will have a fairly complex day and night cycle that - hopefully - will use Global Illumination to some extent, and ray-traced shadows.

*** Most Needed ***
UI Artist
We need UI designers that are able to work closely with our concept artists to create Forge Online’s UI with a very specific and memorable style. You’ll work closely with our Concept Artists, Blueprinters and C++ Programmers to make the UI.

To be honest if you’ve got skills that can contribute to the completion of our game, you are welcome to apply as we will take on any help we can get.
Please send your portfolio (if you have one) to

Current team
[table=“width: 1000, align: left”]

Project Manager, Webdeveloper and Blueprinter

Webdeveloper and 3D Asset/Prop Modeler 

3D Artist

3D Artist

3D Artist

3D Animation

C++ Programmer

C++ Programmer

C++ Programmer

Concept Artist / 3D Artist

Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Level Design

Story, Level Design

Professional Writer

Music Composer

Sound Design

Previous experience as team
We’ve hosted a private server for a MMO game, and created a website that worked hand in hand with it’s gameserver. (Realtime marketplace, trading items through website etc.)

This is not a paid job until we start generating money off of our crowd funding campaign.

Skype ID - forgeonline
Email -
Twitter - Forge Online

You should make the decisions on the art style BEFORE youre 3d Asset and animateur guys start to work. if you dont have ONE coherent design style for the whole game (environtments, GUI, characters…) then it will be a mess, e.g. cartoon characters running round in a realistic environment or vice versa.

Thanks for the suggestion, the way I described it indeed made it sound like we didn’t have anything in mind at all, so I changed it. We’re 100% sure it’ll be cartoony similar to Albion. Definitely not realistic. :slight_smile:
Any artists that want examples of the art style we’re going for can add me on skype or send an email.

Bump for new available jobs. :slight_smile:

I sent you an email in regards to the C++ Programmers position. I really like the idea behind this games concept and hope I can make the position :slight_smile:

We’re in desperate need of Concept Artists and 3D artists! :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

We are still looking for

  • C++ Programmers
  • 3d Asset/Prop Modelers
  • 3d Character Artists
  • Concept Artists
  • Video Editors
  • UI Designers
  • Visual Effect Artists

If you are interested or want more information about the game feel free to contact :


The following jobs are still available:

  1. 3D Artists *
  2. C++ Programmers
  3. Visual Effect Artists *
    Particle FX Artist
    Unreal Engine Lighting Expert
  4. UI Designers *
  5. Blueprint Whizkids
  6. Concept Artists

Jobs marked with an * are needed the most.

Please send your portfolio (if you have one) to
Or add forgeonline on Skype to receive more information about this project.

Bump! Updated our job list. :slight_smile:

We’re looking for talented 3D Character artists!

I notice you reference ArcheAge skill system.

What you should do, if you can stomach it, is play Ultima Online. If you don’t like the half-dead official servers, find a nicenfreeshard that stays true to the official seam.

After that, after you get a good grasp of what skills there look like,cwatch the interactions.
After that, take a good look at PvP and class viability.

After that, figure out why it just doesn’t work anymore.

And then maybe re-examine your current understanding,yes?

lol I’m not sure if you’re trying to be condescending, but whatever.
This class system is way way way in the future so it isn’t even something we’re worrying about at the moment. Also I said similar to ArcheAge’s skill system, not the same as. I was referencing the ability to swap out different skillsets so a player isn’t bound to 1 specific class, which I think sucks.

Maybe I am a bit condescending, but I’m not trying.

My point is, if you have missed UO and the whole Ultima Series, your understanding of how skillsets can work is probably incomplete. Moreover, ArcheAge AFAIK just emulated that system to the best of their ability, but I cannot comment on that further.

All the other things - yeah they are pretty important, because you are doing something close, gameplay-wise, to Garriott’s earlier ambitions.

But sure, go your way. I guess I just got a bit irritated at you referensing a rehash instead of the original thing. So sorry.

Bump added a new position to the jobs list & Updated the team list

We are in need of a UI Designer

We’re still looking for C++ Programmers, Animators and we’re in need of an UI designer! :slight_smile:

Still looking for C++ Programmers, Animators and UI designers, we’re really making progress but we still could use some hands!:slight_smile:

Good luck!