Forester Pro for Unreal Engine 4

Forester Pro is a tree and plant model creator for windows that easily generates randomized models which can be edited and posed, and exported for UE4. Forester features automatic vertex colour generation for wind effects and a host of editing and optimisation tools including automatic LOD generation. Over 130 different preset plant and tree templates are available each of which can generate a wide range of different models.


Forester Pro templates can easily be customised to generate even more variety. The image below shows models created from a single template (Autumn London Plane) in just a few minutes. You can also create your own completely custom templates using your own textures and Forester’s EULA specifically allows such models to be sold and included in asset packs. Even if you are a professional artist Forester produces models that can be imported easily into leading editors such as 3DS Max that can provide you with an excellent start on your own creations.


We’ve just released version 1.29 of Forester Pro to include automatic generation of lightmap UV channels compatible with UE4. Lightmap generation produces maps designed on the basis of unique UVs, equal area and minimum distortion. An example lightmap is shown below for the Maple tree template that comes with the free version of Forester.


A free version of Forester is available from our website featuring 10 different templates. The registered version of Forester Pro is $30 with 130 additional templates available within packs of five at $10 per pack.

So going to give the trial version a go.

More than likely will buy it.


I used Forester Pro in the past and can say that it’s very easy to use and get the result you want. It’s great for lower poly stuff.

Video would be nice

Nice price :slight_smile: I think Ill buy it. Does it has a exporter-tool for UE4 or is it just a .fbx export?

I’ve bought the full version and don’t seem to have any luck creating what I want. The oak tree in the preset tree library looks perfect, yet when I select that tree I get something short and stumpythat holds no resemblance to what is represented in the library.

I’ve tried changing the look but through edit properties but there’s so many options there and no way of seeing in real time what changes affect what. I’m having to change some presets, create a tree which can take 5 seconds (not quick when you’re changing multiple things) and even then not getting the result I’m looking for.

I also don’t understand why the interface is so slow even on a high end system. I’ve got UE4 levels running multiple materials with 3 figure instructions and polygons in the hundred thousands, yet Forester *crawls *when I’m just scaling one branch.

I have still yet to try it properly and spend some time on it
from what I remember the time I took a quick look at it, so far it looks okay, but visually it’s still lacking behind the competition. does it now include normalmaps at least? or is it still only diffuse maps?

I’ve used Speedtree, Forester Pro, Tree[D], TreeIT and various others and can say that Forester Pro is by far the best after Speedtree. It used to be the best (in my opinion) at making really low poly stuff before the new Speedtree modeler, but I think Speedtree is a lot better at that as well now. But it’s a great software for it’s price though.

Hi Olly,

The Old Oak Tree template…is short and twisted, just like the template…the trees won’t be exactly the same because they are generated at random.

You are right…there are a lot of different properties you can set to determine the tree type…rather a confusing number I am sure. There has to be a lot to create the wide range of plant and tree types. The help file contains a description of what they all do, however, playing is probably the best way to learn. I am afraid we can really do realtime preview since each model is generated randomized…even with all the same properties each model you create will all be different just with the same general appearance. We need to do some tutorials for our website to help.

If you are having problems with performance try disabling the branch and tree shaders. I have no problem running Forester on a Alienware X17…that can hardly run UE4 at all!


Hi Frequia,

Forester Pro does indeed have a specific UE4 exporter.


Hi Sitrec,

Thanks for saying Forester Pro is by far the best tree and plant maker next to SpeedTree. We think Forester Pro does the job, and we are always adding new features to make it better. Plus Forester Pro is only a one time cost of $30, whilst speedTree will cost $230 a year.


Hi, hptware

Have you ever considered releasing it as a plugin, accessed in conjunction with Landscape Editor, Foliage Instanced Meshes and Mesh Paint, able to share resources directly within the Unreal Editor like Material Editor, Cascade Particle Editor, Foliage Instanced Meshes, blueprinted component hierarchy (presets) or L-System and math procedural generator, randomization, Phys Interaction, LOD/Collision system, Persona (Skeletal config.), Destructible Properties Matrix, procedural mesh generation using splines?


I’m seeing more and more Torque Game Engine community members over here. Hello guy!