Forest (WIP)

Hi Guys,

I have been creating a sample demo level for my project

Looks good!

Just one small hint -> go to the viewport options - choose “high resolution screenshot”. Then the engine will render a screenshot of your scene for you. :slight_smile:

Really love it! Would like to see a moonlight through the trees shot :slight_smile: Or maybe bigfoot walking in the back :wink:

:slight_smile: ok sir ))

ok sir ))))

Looks very nice, like the smooth atmosphere.

yes ? ) :slight_smile:

That looks ! Is this made from Nature Pack?

Nice! What FPS do you get in that scene?

60 FPS
Intel core i5 3.2, Nvidia gtx 650, 8gb

I will make video soon

hmph I built a PC for Unreal I didn’t know I could get away with just a 650. :stuck_out_tongue:

what ? )))

As being just an interested beginner - Unreal Editor runs quite smooth on my Core2Duo E8400 with 4 GB RAM and an ATI HD7700… So… :stuck_out_tongue:

what?? )))))