Forest W.I.P

Hello everyone! I need tip and tricks on how to not make this level look so bland. Questions…

  1. How can I make and advanced materials for the landscape?

  2. What else to add without making it looks cluttered?

  3. How to add a water flow along the landscape?

  4. How to make the sky dark?


  2. Try adding in some Rocks or Cliff faces to further define and shape the contours of the landscape. You can use those types of assets to help guide the Player to any important areas that you might want them to pay attention to.

  3. You can try adding an animated Material, im not an Art guy so i dont know how you would do that but there are threads around about creating realistic rivers and oceans from well put together materials.

  4. If your using the SkySphere Blueprint that comes with Unreal Engine 4, you can use your Direction Lights rotation to control a Day/Night setting built into the BP_SkySphere.