Forest Scene

Hello there , I’ve been working on a forest scene for my project for some time now already , it is still very early progress , but I decided I’ll start posting it from now on .
Currently it’s just few meshes , next I plan to improve landscape , improve tree , add 1 more tree , edit current bush , add more foliage , adjust colours and add more environment objects . That means it will change a lot and gonna look hopefully better and better .
Here are some images , will be posting more soon :slight_smile:

Looking good. My major beef with it how it looks now is the giant rocks in the forest. They seem out of context to a forest scene. I can see mountains and smaller rocks in the actual trees, but some of those boulders were Titanic. :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents worth.

Yes indeed , that is just some kind of cliff rock i made for it , there will be more meshes coming soon of course :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this in the skype group :slight_smile: getting it done! Cant wait too see further progress

This is looking lovely - I might suggest adding a low mist to the forest floor to give that eerie feeling of moistness and coolness, it would also help with the depth perception.

Thanks a lot for feedback , I am working on the scene every day so updates coming soon :slight_smile:

Just made fallen tree with some moss on it , keep in mind the whole scene is very early progress and i am focusing meshes right now :slight_smile:

Looks good, the ground could use a bit more variety in my opinion (leafs, dead grass etc etc.).

For the moss in the scene perhaps you could use the same techniques they used in ryse? Anyway good job. :slight_smile:

Yes i’ve seen that thread but it wouldn’t work too good for the trees , but I will try it for moss on rocks :slight_smile:
Also adding more layers to the ground and making foliage.

Small update , adjusted some colours + there is another tree now , still working on foliage/landscape.

Fern i made for the scene .

Some update , edited colours , added wind shader ( gonna upload video some other time ) and added fern mesh.

Looking better and better Michał, keep it up! :slight_smile:

You should give it a go with LPV sometime and see how it looks. Nice job so far!

Looks much better, hope to see more! Keep it up indeed.

Thanks for all your comments and interest , there will be more coming soon :slight_smile: