Forest scene -Emerald- (question inside)

Hello :slight_smile:

i’m working forest scene.

I would like to ask you.

I want you to hear solutions to sizzle in the visible part of the tree

Is it the cause of this problem is the density of the leaves?
Or wonder there is another problem.
I do not see this answer, but continued to think about this problem.

I want you to listen to the wonderful solutions

Also want to comment about the whole scene :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading this article. Spend a wonderful day~~!! :slight_smile:

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Excellent work, I really like your color scheme.

Very well done, i love the material you created for the water!

Wow… looks great.
Looks like you use a realy big texture for your leaves. Hm… you can try check dither mip map alpha in texture view but i think your leaves texture is not ideal. You lose to many pixel in distance because your texture is to high on resolution (leaves/twigs to small for big texture).
Can’t describe it right, maybe some other can?

oh, Thanks for your idea!

i’ll check these things :)!!

On idea: Increase the FSAA. 4xFSAA or better will remove aliasing in the leaves. (At a FPS cost.)

Hi there,

Incredible , look fantastic , with a final delph of field camera , you will get incredible plans.

Love them rocks man! Very cool :slight_smile:

You may want to try toggling Separate Translucency in your leaf material and see if that makes a difference.

Very beautiful scene, I like it!

Beautiful scenery!
Agree with , you can use DOF to make it more amazing.
Also I found out that the girl is quite distracting…