Forest of Dreams

This is a new template I’ve made for my open world game AQP, The White City.
I was playing with new solutions of Global Illumination and Sky light controlled by BP and position of the sun (technically my own GI solution for Low-End PCs and Open world Games)

Time of development of the scene: 8 hours

Hope you like :o

My Artstation (Growing and growing)


Looks class!

Any time frame for releasing AQP?

Hi, if everything goes well, AQP will arrive to your PC (and VR devices) the next year.
… and of course, everything is going well.


Looks really nice :slight_smile: I like the foliage variations and of course the camera on the first image :stuck_out_tongue:

Teaser: Any chance you can show us more of Machu Picchu?
Screenshot is fine if its up close… :slight_smile: Cheers!

Yeah, haha, Made in UE4, and the camera knows.

Yes, Soon I’ll post a new thread about Machu Picchu, the scene of the prologue.