Forest level

Forest level i am working ok for couple last days

Q: Would somebody be interested in buying set of assets used in this scene?. It is not finished yet but lets say that there is a bundle containing
multiple types of tree,s rocks, grass, ferns models and some terrain materials at the quality level presented in this video. Since UE4 release i made a lot of
assets but i have no purpose for them other than my small projects, so thats why i ask :D.

Nice work. In response to your question, you could try posting them on the Marketplace.

Looks great, im sure people would buy it.

One tip I’ll give you is that your foliage has to react to wind realistically before people will really invest in your offer. Foliage is tricky in general because it’s hard to get perfect and the flaws really stand out more than in other static assets (like rocks). Proper shading, natural coloring, and realistic wind are big factors in making sure your assets work in anyone’s project.

The scene looks really good, but if I were to give honest, critical feedback about your assets, I’d say you have some shading/coloring issues on the grass, some lighting issues on the trees (which might be fixed in 4.6), and a lack of wind on all foliage assets. Those hang-ups would prevent me from buying your art. If you can fix those, I’d be the first in line to buy. :slight_smile:

Looks very good!

Impressive rocks :smiley:

thank you for feedback, when it come to the wind it is hard to see because subtle nature of the effect and also TXAA makes it really blurry

The market place can use more outdoor options, i see several items in ur pack i could use in my own scenes.