Forest Fire Environment

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on getting a recent personal scene I created turned into something for the marketplace. My hope is that I can turn it into both a well value’d content pack, but also a learning tool for those who wanted to explore my original scene. Below is a screenshot and a video of the actual project I finished (not the content in the pack yet) and some details about what I am planning on submitting.

The scene will include everything I used to create my original project, with foliage redone from scratch by hand. I also will include a version of the scene below as a demo scene, and more importantly to myself, a breakdown environment where I plan on including some simple explanations on what I did, how I did it, and why. All meshes will have LoDs, lightmaps, and all materials will be cleanly organized and commented. On a side note due to lots of the content being reworked, updated, etc the general visual quality should improve from what is seen below.

I’ll be updating this thread with progress, but in general things are going well and I’m very close to submitting it! Please feel free to hit me up for suggestions or questions!


What is being included:


  • Overview Map
  • Demonstration Level
  • Educational Level


  • 1 Burning leaf material
  • 1 Ground with vertex painted embers/fire Material
  • 1 Custom foliage with vertex painted burning Leaves Material with custom animation
  • 1 Trunk with vertex painted embers and fire material
  • 2 ambient fire particle systems to fill the air
  • 8 Fire particle systems for various uses
  • 2 ambient smoke materials
  • 1 background smoke card material
  • Various materials for the above mentioned particle systems


  • 1 Stump
  • 1 Log
  • 4 Rocks of various sizes
  • 2 Shrubs
  • 1 fern
  • 1 grass clump
  • 1 simple terrain piece
  • 3 large trees


  • 2 Tiling ground textures
  • 1 tiling burned ground texture
  • 3 tiling bark textures
  • 1 leaf card texture for the trees
  • 1 fern card texture
  • 1 shrub card texture
  • 1 tiling fire texture
  • 3 custom made fire flipbook textures
  • 1 custom made smoke flipbook texture
  • 1 grass card texture
  • Various VFX masks, noises, and textures for use in the materials
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This is absolutely beautiful! what pricepoint were you looking at for selling this?

*Jaw drop- Looks awesome.

Honestly I’m not 100% sure. I know it’s big range but probably somewhere between $40 and $70. It’s a bit tough to quantify since there are quite a few different elements, some of which were pretty tricky create. I’m open to feeedback though!

If it works well, I’d support $70.

Looks so devastated! I guess it will be helpful for some people, looks and sounds great ! :wink:

This looks amazing! :smiley:

Wow. People doing environments in UE4 continually amaze me. Very nice work!

Very cool. Ever thought about how this would interact with the current dynamic fire system on the marketplace? I.e. this concept with dynamic spread of fire etc?

Thanks for the kind words everyone! More updates coming soon!

I have thought about it! This pack will definitely stay a visual focused pack but I’m sure if it gets submitted and approved someone could combine the two and get something pretty cool!


Oh man this is gorgeous, sign me up for being very interested (I think 70$ sounds pretty reasonable too).

Can’t wait to see this in the Marketplace, good job! :slight_smile:

Just a quick update on progress:

-All textures and now 100% wrapped
-All but 2 materials are done, with around 70% of them commented out
-All but 2 of the 4 rock meshes are wrapped
-Particle work has been started

Also a link to a gif of the background smoke material. Fake particle lighting used to give some cool ambient distant smoke

Just another update as things are getting close. All the content is wrapped with Lod’s etc and the demonstration map is now done (pic below). All thats left is a double check on all the material comments and setting up the educational map with text to explain my process etc.

Wow, it’s looking awesome. I really like the atmosphere!

Another quick update, just tonight I submitted to Epic! Fingers crossed and hopefully I didn’t mess up the process :slight_smile:

I did complete the education map which has 6 rooms with mini-breakdowns about the art process in them. I also did a thorough comment pass on all the materials, etc so things should be pretty easy to break apart and understand (that’s the hope!)

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement guys. Lots of fun!