Forest advice?

When building a forest, How many types of trees should be added?

I’m just unsure of how many is needed for it too look real but not overload the game…

At least three of every little thing from rocks, leaves, trees…etc otherwise the eye will put it together that its duplicated.

Power of Three’s

Take a look at the Twitch stream that has the “Speedtree” creators on it. They show how they made a scene with only a few trees. It also depends on your ground material (if you are using speedtree), since it can add slight color differences to the same tree model. That Twitch Stream was very informative (they all are) and Speedtree is a definite purchase for me, once I got to the stage of using trees.

Well that depends on what forest you’re trying to recreate. There are forest consisting mainly of one or two species with a few random other species of the area here and there, and then also bushes of various species and such. But if you make a rain forest you might have to create a lot more types. It all depends on how authentic you want it, research the type of forest you want to recreate and go from that information.

I personally would just create 5-6 different tee meshes with a variety of textures -> then you have a very good variation + not so many different meshes :slight_smile:

Thank you guys/gals for all the help :slight_smile:

I would create a minimum of 3, don’t forget to change rotation/scale when you place them :wink:

Skynet thanks LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Wasnt thinking about that :slight_smile: Its like Duh LOL…Thanks :smiley: