ForEachLoop only printing index 0

my For each Loop only print index 0?
How should I properly setup a for each loop?
Thank you for having a look at my problem.
I added the project maybe someone can have a look. The problem is in widget BP called inventory, inside the Function called ColumnsAvailable.

I tried your suggestion but it won’t print anything anymore.

Check the length of the array make sure you have more than 1 element.

Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, everytime I overlap an item in the world, it will add 1 element to the array.

I am saying, just to be sure, actually use the node “Length” on your array before the loop and make sure it actually is doing what you think it is. Many times in programming we “think” we are telling the computer the right set of logic but in fact we aren’t. So, just to ensure that isn’t where the issue is, I would print a string and make sure you are adding the things you think you are adding.

You are returning immediately from the function after printing the first element (due to the Return node at the right side). Either remove it, or link it in the Completed pin, and it’ll successfully print all your array elements.

Hey, thank you so much! Yours is the right answer, now it works.

Hello everyone I just want to let you all know that regardless whether yours were the right answer or not that I appreciate them all. Thank you guys!!!