ForEachLoop ignores the last element

Hi! Looks like the foreachloop iterates not over all elements in array. I’ve made 3 target points and made an array of vectors out of them. The loop iterates over 2 vectors and the third one is ignored. Why does it happens? Thanks for any suggestions. My level blueprint looks like that:

Hi fuzz0,

I recreated this, sort of, in a new project but it is going through each one. Could you set up some print strings to see if it is actually iterating on the last vector or not? This is how mine looks and it outputs in order after every second.

If simple print strings work, then the issue may be somewhere else in the blueprints.

Hi! Thanks a lot for reply. I can confirm that your blueprint works fine, I have recreated it in my projects and everything seems alright. Unfortunately, my version do not work anyway.

There isn’t much difference in both of our loops, so it should technically work. The problem may be elsewhere. Can you provide me with more screenshots of your blueprint(s) or, if possible, a copy of the project itself?

That’d be perfectly fine. You can either link it here if you don’t mind it being public, or send me a private message on the forums. My forum username is

Can I send the project via dropbox? file is 6.2 mb, so non possible to attach it here. All the logic is in Level Blueprint.
link text

All the logic is in Level Blueprint. The link:
Dropbox project:

The issue you’re encountering is actually the way ForEachLoop is suppose to work. The problem is that it is attempting to move to all 3 locations at the same time. It is passing all 3 values through, instead of doing it one at a time. I put together a way that you could loop this movement, but it involves adding trigger volumes where the markers are.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot!!! That works!