ForEachLoop and DoOnce issue

It appeared out of nowhere.
I recompiled BP after some minor editing and “warning” popped up.

I haven’t touched anything attached to ForEachLoop and DoOnce functions I have in BP when it started showing up. Now for the first 100 times I compiled the BP with those functions everything was fine and I was working on something completely unrelated to that when it started showing up.

I tried DoOnce with TickEvent and it fired once like its supposed to, I’m assuming other one works as well and error is just visual, maybe.

Also I tried putting DoOnce on another blueprint and tested it and it compiled without a “warning” or anything, worked just fine.
So far tried deleting all of these 2 functions from affected BP’s but “warning” is still showing up.
I had DoOnce warning from 4.10 and I started having ForEachLoop from today on 4.11, project is converted as I thought it would fix the annoyance.

Note: I haven’t touched anything inside Standard Macros, just followed the link from compiler.



I’m only guessing this is a bug, it could be very much something I did.

Hi UndeadScum,

What is occurring here is that the nodes in question have multiple outputs, but nothing connected to the additional outputs. In macros and custom functions, every node path should end in an output of some sort. In this case, the note should go away (though it will not hurt anything if it is there) if you connect your additional node paths to the output node at the end of the macro.