Foreach loop with custom structure causes crash when deleting

Hi, i don’t know if this is a known bug but i couldn’t find anything on it.

I’m using the 4.3 preview from the launcher + blueprint first person.

I created a blueprint structure containing 2 variables, a vector and an actor (projectile).
In my pawn blueprint i’ve added this structure as an array and am using a foreach loop.

Just found out that the crash only occurs when i split the struct pin and then try to delete the foreach loop, even when there is no longer an array attached to it.

Also, when the split pins are still connected to something, detaching the array from the foreach loop crashes the editor. The same happens when you try to disconnect exec, regardless of whether anything else is still attached to the loop.

I hope i have given enough information (also sent 2 error reports).

edit: when i remove all outputs and combine the pins again, everything works normal again.

Thanks for the report. I’ve been working through the split pin edge cases and have fixed a few things that may have led to this as I can no longer reproduce this crash. Unfortunately it is not in the 4.3 final build.