Forclusion - Horror narrative adventure

FORCLUSION is a horror themed narrative game. We were inspired by games like Silent Hill, Gone home, so we will have some inventory but we will focus more on storyline and atmosphere as well as good puzzles, there will be minimal jump scares. We hope someday to have a Kickstarter and a trailer demo but it´s in a very pre-alpha version (by now there´s only one room done and it´s just a technical demo. Criticism is always welcome, there is no Facebook nor Twitter page right now.

The first 4 statutes of the video will not be in the final product, they are there more to show the possibilities of modeling for the videogame as well as the photos of different famous people and dragon ball images wich have obviously copyright… by now is just a Technical Demo.

Story line

You wake up in a dark bedroom completely unknown for you, there´s an inner voice around the game when things happen or something is just strange, You hear things around the house, music, steps, someon calls you on the phone warning you that you should not leave the house under any circumstances, not before understanding what is going on there… you can turn on lights around the house, but there are locked doors and you need to find those keys to be able to find out where and why are you there.

Story happens in Barcelona, so some books and photos probably will be take place in that city as well as some books will have spanish and catalan namings, but the whole game, dialogs and text to read will be in english (obviously).

The game looks serious and realistic, but at the same time there weird things happen around you with a minimal soundtrack. It´s more about a non happy story about the past of those who lived in that big house.

Thanks for your comments and critics, no matter if they are to criticize or praise, but we will appreciate if they are constructive.

(Sorry if my english is not perfect… I try my best). :slight_smile:

More Screenshots