Forcing tamed dino settings: no passive, forced wander, forced aggressive mode

Hi all,

To add a bit of spice and realism to the game, I’m going to start exploring how the topic line could be achieved.

The idea is that certain “volatile” dinos, like carnos, rex, meglodons… just have an innate “wildness” that can’t be tamed out like you might in a puppy.

I think doing this via the UI radial menu is pointless… .because whistles override it.

I remember the devs talking about enhancing the AI modding features… so I dropped by the AI Controller blueprints hoping to see:

“Force Wander” checkbox
“No Passive Mode” checkbox
“Force Aggressive Mode” checkbox.

… but no banana.

So I figure the only way to do it is add variables into the AI controller blueprints of these dinos, then go and start visual script tweaking of Dino_AIController_BP parent and the various blackboards and what-not.

Anyway… I was wondering if anyone has or is intending to do this… and if you’ve got serious interest to learn it… partner up with me to overhaul this?

I’ve also heard rumors of the devs improving AI (the large dino stuck on big rocks issues, critical health dinos attacking full health prey and dying, fleeing dinos returning to be destroyed etc. etc.)… but know idea when that’s going to happen. So maybe it’s worth doing some tweaking already.