Forcing player turning in a autorunner?

Hi there,

I’m making an auto runner, and I’m pretty much on my last step before I can start making actual content for it, but I’m having problems with figuring out this functionality in blue prints.

Basically, what I’d like to have happen is that when the player overlaps with a trigger or box collision they will automatically turn.

This in of itself shouldn’t be too difficult, though I have an extra level of complexity I’d like to add on to it.

I’d like to make it so that each trigger defines how far the player turns and for how long. For example I’d like one turn to maybe turn the player 45-degrees to the left over two seconds. Meanwhile the next turn would force the player to turn 180 degrees over 30 seconds. These are just two examples I pulled out of nowhere. In reality I’ll just be putting in values for whatever I think would be interesting and seeing what works.

I’m still figuring out blueprints, as this is sort of a project that I’m hoping by the end of I’ll have figured out some of the fundamentals.

I know there should be a way of passing values from one blueprint to another, but I haven’t been able to figure that out yet, or how to force the player to rotate when I want to.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my turning blueprint. It’s just assigned to a button to activate because I just wanted to make sure it worked.

Apparently I’m given super powers by listening to some intense rock, because as soon as I started listening to Death From Above 1979 I figured out how to make a blueprint to force a player to rotate the direction I want. However I’m still having trouble making it happen in a timeline I want.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the blueprint that has a box collision that when overlapped the player rotates the direction I have set in the “CopmbinedRotators” function.

However if I set a timeline inbetween Cast To Player Runner and SET, the player jitters constantly back and forth before they get to the desired rotation. If they run in to a wall during that their entire rotation is back to what it was before they hit the collision.

Any help would be appreciated.

It seems like using splines would be easier to adjust. Why not check out the Blueprint_Splines map in ContentExamples?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Life, 'ya know?

Anyway, I tried looking for that example in my unreal engine folders, but no luck finding the thing you specified. Even so, would splines work for third person to allow them to strafe left and right still? I did look in to that briefly on my own, but the only examples I found for controlling the turning was for side scrollers. Maybe it’s still applicable? I don’t really know, as I said, I’m still kinda learning about all this.

Actually, now that I think about it the spline wont really work, as I’m planning on having branching paths. Unless there is a way to trigger switching to different splines I’d like to stick with the automatic rotation if possible.

Edit: Also I have a bunch of stuff that blocks the player’s path and knocks them back in some situations, and the spline movement tutorials I’ve read gives me the impression that I’ll have a hard time setting up collision as well as the mild “launch” things I do when the player is hurt.