Forcing a GLES 2 renderer on an ARM linux build for Raspberry Pi

I know it’s a bit of a shot in the dark, but does anyone with experience in the build system know how a build for raspberry pi could be done using the mobile renderer.

Basically UE4 has to be convinced it’s building for a mobile (android esque) platform, but link against glibc/standard linux libraries instead of building an Android APK. I don’t see anything specifically about this in the forums, so I expect I’ll have to put quite a bit of work in to have it cooperate, but if someone who knows the build system in and out could give me some starters that’d be great.

I know RPi has desktop OpenGL now, but I’m pretty sure UE4’s desktop renderer would murder the chip, so I aim to force it back to GLES 2. I’m working with a Pi 3, so we can go full AArch64 and quad core.