Forced to wife's Laptop - crashing i7 w HD 4000

I own a good workstation with a Nvdia top card… in Austin… but I’m in lockdown in Puerto Rico and I have only my wife’s decent work laptop.

I was able to load Unreal 4.24 and the Launcher eventually worked. But once I open the Engine itself it loads to 99% and crashes.

There is an error message; Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource.

It suggests my video card may not have enough memory (it has tiny, the intel HD 4000 uses system ram I believe.

Reading others posts with similar questions… looks like the OS and Unreal are fighting over rendering space on the hard drive?

People report running the Engine with HD 4000 cards, and with lesser systems in general… what’s my hiccup?

Dell Inspiron 5423

8 gig RAM 2 core

the C: partition of the HD is 234 gig of 466 total gig

HD Graphics 4000
total graphics memory 5053 MB
dedicated graphics memory 1280
dedicated system memory … zero… 0
shared system memory 3773

display driver 8.951.9.1000
DirectX 10

Thank you for considering this problem. We’re all trying to get something done under weird conditions.

There’s nothing you can do there, the HD4000 is well below the minimum requirements to run UE4. If you’re on a laptop make sure it’s not running the display at a resolution higher than 1080p which might help (also make sure you’re running the power mode set to Performance, uses more battery though). Ultimately the issue is that it’s just not that powerful.