Forced perspective while in gameplay

So I’m trying to get the camera to stay in one position and have my background moving. I’ve got my character running around but the screen follows him wether or not having a camera. Is there a tutorial for this anywhere or is this an option within the camera settings? I would like one absolute point of perspective seeing how I’m working in a 3d space for a 2d game, I would only like to see my game area.

There is no option to set the active camera directly, as far as I am aware, but you can use a simple blueprint to change the camera to the static one in your level:

Put this into your Gamemode, CharacterController or Level blueprint, wherever you think it fits.

So I’ve got most of that figured out but am unable to bring my CameraActor1 Into the blueprint… I’m doing this within PlayerController

Would any of this have to do with Parallax scrolling?

To use your CameraActor1 in Blueprint, add a camera to your scene and select it. Then you either drag it from the Scene Outline directly into your Blueprint, or right click in the Blueprint and select “Add Reference to CameraActor1”.

For parallax scrolling, you’ll need a moving camera. You can do this of course. What is your specific question?