Force widget on top on runtime or always

Hello. I’m using level streaming for loading levels. I add a loading screen widget to cover everything, after that load/unload levels and fade out the loading screen. The thing is that if anything has a widget (like the player character) the widget pops-up on the loading screen.

I need to keep the loading widget ALWAYS ON TOP. Is there a way to do it?
setting the widget elements Z-order higher doesn’t help.

Hi, try it place: “Remove from parent” blueprint after “Create widget”. (I’m new at unreal but i think that can help you).

This would remove the widgets, which he doesn’t want, he wants the widgets to be still there, just underneath the loading screen.

this can be made by using the game instance to keep track of the widgets, then have one main level then load and unload the levels as sublevels for this main level