Force update on emissive material with video texture on lumen GI

Hi ! Just wanted to post this workaround in case it might be of interest to anyone.

if you have a material playing a video texture and direct lighting is updating but not the indirect diffuse while playing the video in game or in sequencer here’s what i tried, I only found a solution using a sequencer but i’m sure there is a solution for in game as well.
you can add your emissive mesh to the sequencer where the video is playing and automate the static / movable state of your mesh. make it stationary at the begining of your sequence and movable at the end and it will create an automation that forces it to update every frame i guess and now GI works great.

Forgot to mention it but it seems that it updates only when you animate somthing else from the mesh like transform so i just put a super small movement that is invisible in the render but enable the global illumnation from emissive video to be updated

My bad, turns out it doesn’t update on final render. If anyone has a solution to make emissive material updates correctly with lumen’s GI when changing parameters that would be lifesaving !