Force ShaderCompileWorker.exe to always run if UE4 is on

I have discovered why the Live Material Editor View takes forever when updating materials such as simply changing the color. Is there a way to have the ShaderCompileWorker.exe always running at least when UE4 is on? Or at least have it set to High priority in the windows task manager by default?

The way it works for me now is I would change a color and it take 1 minute or so to update the live viewer. However, when I go into the details tab of the task manager, I can set it to a High and it only take maybe 7 seconds to update. If I set it to Rea-Time, it does it in about 3 seconds maybe. The UE4 is done updating the material to the correct color, it then closes ShaderCompileWorker.exe from the task manager. So to get it to work near real-time, I would once again have to set the priority. I have read many other people were having the same issue.

As far as my PC specs, it appears they are higher than the recommended settings, and again, once I set ShaderCompileWorker.exe it to a higher priority, it starts to run fine.

Can this or something else be done for us is is a dual core computer mandatory for this feature basically?

If you use parameters, colors should update instantly.