Force Rotation after Root Motion AnimMontage

Hi Epic friends!

I’m having this issue in my game where, after playing a montage that drives the rotation of my character via root motion, I have a frame where the rotation return to the previous value.

I have a custom character movment component with bOrientRotationToMovement set to true and the ComputeOrientToMovementRotation function overriden to orient the rotation of my player either to +Y or to -Y because it’s a sidescroller. The problem is that when I play the montage (it’s a turn aimation for when you go too fast), the root motion rotates my character, and after it finishes, there’s a little stutter (i think is just a frame) where my character returns o the previous rotation, and then to the new one. So for example i am moving to the right and my character is rotated to -Y, the anim plays and the character ends facing the +Y axis, then it returns to face -Y for a frame and then to +Y the next frame.

I already tried changing the ticking group of my movement component to postphysics and postupdatework some time before, while the montage is running and some time after the montage, but the issue is still there, i also tried to force rotation after the montage finishes with SetActorRotation also with no success.
I don’t know if this helps but i have my rotationrate set to 36000.0f in all axis (figured it was big enough so it does it instantly)

Do you guys know why i am having this problem and how can i solve it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Any help? I tried different things today, overriding PhysicsRotation in my MovementComponent to store the last root motion rotation and disabling the FixedTurn and forcing a value, and also tried to override PerformMovement but haven’t been able to get rid of that wrong rotation frame. All the help is very much appreciated!