Force player to walk forward :)

Hi i have a game where i have to force the player to move foward without pressing anything. I figured i needed to change the charecter blueprint.

I found this:

I need to change the “inputaxis movement” to something that just activates it and keeps doing it :slight_smile:

Any idea how i can do this?

here ya go, i tested this and it worked, i’m still learning so it may not be the most efficient but it works


it works by adding movement input every frame in the direction your character is facing :slight_smile:

Thanks man, it did work. But i just realized. In my level i want the player to be forced to move in a direction but still being able to look around while doing it. When i do this the foward movement follows the mouse, my bad man, should have thought about that.
You have any idea of how to do this without using matinee?

You need to bind this BP function to look arround : Add Controller Yaw Input (left right) and Add Controller Pitch Input (up down)

Hi, Create a Variable Vector and store the direction you want you to go then link it with Add Movement Input instead of using Get Forward Vector.

And exemple

Thanks man, i could kiss you