Force Overlap Events

I’m currently making a lean mechanic for my game, and am using a camera fade to prevent players from looking through geometry by using a collision sphere to generate an overlap event, however, doing so would require that every object generate events.

Is there anyway to force an overlap events without manually adjusting every mesh, or does anyone have an alternate solution that I am unaware of?

I guess I have a similar thing: I have a hand in front of the player, and it retracts when you come close to a wall or anything else. I did it using Sphere Trace: you can probably enable Trace when you press your Lean key, and if there is a hit, you adjust the lean angle/distance accordingly.

Hey, if you use SpringArm, there is a built in option that do what you want to achieve. In Details Panel, under Camera Collision, there is an Option “DoCollisionTest”. This will collide with every objects that have “Camera” channel set to block.