Force Net Update, When to use it and when not to use it?

So i have a couple of questions about the function node: Force Net Update.
I was digging around some files and noticed the node in the multi use example.

There is no documentation about it except what we see from the tool tip in the adk.
Or maybe i missed it .

By looking at the multi use example file i see that the force net update is used along with a replicated variable.
Does this mean that replication is not 100% quarantined in adk?
Or does that just mean…
Update the variable Now… instead of putting it to a list of variables to update at a later point. ?

And anohther thing.
If i create a Custom event which is set to Multicast & Reliable, “(RELIABLE Replicated From Server, Executes On All)”
Is it overkill to put a Force Net Update in it, Will it cause more net load than whats needed ?

I too would like to know this.

Did you get any answer about that? i have the same question too.