Force mouse focus to game window

Hi all - just as it says, I want to force the game to retain the mouse cursor. Right now it sporadically leaves the game window and poof I am clicking on desktop icons. I am using a open level command in fps blueprint template to go from one level to another if that makes a difference.

Seen a LOT of people’s attempts to fix this (trying to research before posting) - but nothing seeming boilerplate or the “unreal way” to accomplish this. Can someone give me a best practice routine to force the game to retain / keep the mouse focus until the game is closed?

Thank you in advance.

I have no idea if this will help you, but I remembered running into it:

Edit: I am also aware this is C++, but you may be able to adapt it, or add a little C++ to your game.

@The Britain - thanks for the try, but I don’t know how I would incorporate C++ into something Blueprint based. I am sure there must be a way (and I appreciate the help) but there must be a check-box somewhere that I can click that just handles this issue for a Blueprint project? Anyone know where this checkbox is, or other magic fix?

Is it some sort of argument / option when opening a level to retain focus?

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