Force gravity repulsion gun?

Hello, I am looking for a way to shoot some gravity that will hit all objects it meets
I am not sure how this gravity stuff would work, any tutorials? Please help!

What exactly do you mean with “shoot some gravity”? What would happen to an object if I was to shoot it with this gun?

Hmmm how to explain… It should act like thuum.

Like reverse gravity gun

So … you shoot an object and it goes up or it just gives it an impulse that pushes it away from the gun?

Please have a look, worths a thousand words

Do you know Fus Ro Dah?

Here is a simple dirty example:

In this case it will only affect a character. Once it hits the character, it turns ragdoll (select ragdoll in the collision presets of the skeletal mesh) and thrust him out.

Oh yeaah, thanks man, thanks!