Force Focus don't Work...need last step help. Console Commant: Android.NewKeyboard

Hello Everyone,

When i force the Focus in the Widget, than i the project it works, but not in the Device.
What is the Problem?


Comment: The Lock Mouse Mode didn’t changed anything

Is **InputText **the name of the widget itself, or the name of the actual text field?

If it’s the widget, try plugging the actual text field into the “In Widget to Focus” pin and see if that works (i.e. drag off the **InputText **node and get the text field, that plug that into the pin).

InputText is the editable text. And this don|t works…but only an the device. in the project it works
Thank you for trying to help

The behavior of the inut is also different…i need to find out why this is.
has this something to do with the time?Need i put a delay somewhere?

maybe the way is to set the focus, when it gets lost…?

No…i just tryed this…i can|t force it on the device…only in the project again it works, and there now its impossible the get out of the editablke text…
oh men…
do i have to change something in the project settings?
Has this something to do with the actor?
Touch settings?

Is there a way to set a Text, thats selected, and on Tab it deletes? i don|t mean the hint text. Maybe i can force the Keyboard than?

i found something interesting here >
VirtualKeyboardTrigger in SEditableText is never set, so it defaults to OnFocusByPointer. In FSlateEditableTextLayout::HandleFocusReceived VirtualKeyboardTrigger is checked together with the input method. I did the lazy solution and just added .VirtualKeyboardTrigger( EVirtualKeyboardTrigger::OnAllFocusEvents) in UEditableText::RebuildWidget(). Now the virtualkeyboards opens when the textbos receives focus. The better solution would be to expose VirtualKeyboardTrigger to blueprint (like VirtualKeyboardType).…d-to-open.html

i don|t understand how to do it with the blueprints

i have this option in the editable Text


But i can|t reach it. i onlz get it when i uncheck button when i trz to reach it out of the pin.
Than it shows…the target is text box…

Look here:

There the Is the Funktion: SetIsCaretMovedWhenGainFocus

But how can i reach it?

Hm…i think only because of this problem i can’t use the android virtual keyboard…!
I have do do my own virtual keyboard…oh men…

Maybe i found the solution now.
Look here:

But now…can someone explain how to do this: ?

I do this:


how do i make the Input 2 ?

When i do this:


its like before…i have to tab first, than the keyboard apears.

When i do this:


It behaves like thisis unable: (In Project Settings)