Force Feedback Effect with Xbox One controller on Mac

I was wondering if anyone had the force feedback effect working on their mac dev environment. Using the FPS template and attempting to do this just isn’t working for me. I’ve tried two ways setting this up.

  1. I tried just using the client play force feedback effect after a jump for example and nothing is registering.
  2. I also tried creating a simple collision sphere blueprint and attempted to register the overlap events to trigger something and still nothing.

is there a flag somewhere i need to turn on? If you have this working in a project what version of the engine are you using? I got the force feedback working on the AR project on ios. I def plan on playing around with the mobile feedback in the future, but I also want to be able to play around with controller style force feedback. Any suggestions?

Ohh just some notes. To use the Xbox one controller on a mac I had to download and use the 360github plugin.
When I plug the controller into my mac the vibration motors rumble indicating the controller was connected so i know the rumble is working.
To get the button mapping to work in unreal engine I had to use the spoof 360 controller setting under advanced in the plugin.

Nobody has a project with controller vibration enabled? Anytips or suggestions to get this working. I think if we just start with the base 3rd or FPS template and and a client play force feedback effect after a jump for example it should be so simple. All you have to do is create the force feedback effect curve to select on the client play force feedback. Still nothing happens. Obvisously i’m missing something.

It is more like nobody uses microsoft pad under apple system to work with unreal. Usually first you support dedicated hardware, (not sure if mac has dedicated pads) then after you make dedicated hardware working you try to extend supported devices. So either develop on windows and make pad working there, or get ipad and make it working on mac.

I did some stuff with unreal and pads but under windows, and windows has 2 types of pad support, unreal was working with one while refusing to recognize second type. But it was under 4.2 when i tried it, so quite long ago.

So basically my setup is screwed…

Anyone have a suggestion for a recommended officially supported controller for an imac? Am I stuck using a steam controller? I still don’t think this would fix the problem. Like I stated above when I plug the controller into the imac it vibrates and the light comes on varifing the connection. I def think this is an unreal problem and not a setup problem but would be willing to try another controller you guys recommend.

I guess I really need a recommended/officaially supported controller that has rumble/haptics on the imac. Any recommendations?

You have potentially problem in 2 spots. First is that those custom unsupported drivers are doing something wrong, preventing unreal from recognizing pad.
Second is that you did not enable some option somewhere, and everything is fine, your code (or settings) did something wrong.

Before you buy new hardware make sure it is not some setting somewhere that prevents your game app from working with pads.

The game pad is working to control the player character in the FPS and 3rd person template. As stated above the rumble motors are being recognized since they turn on when plugging in the controller.

The problem is… if I add the client play force feedback effect to a chain of actions and specify a curve it does nothing on the controller. I know the blueprint setup works because I can adjust the pattern and get different curves to play using the client play force feedback effect in the AR Template. For some reason this same setup doesn’t appear to work in the FPS or 3rd person templates. Any suggestions?

found this on answer hub:
“You will also want to make sure that you have set Force Feedback to enabled in your player controller or else it will not work, even with the node.”

ok Nawrot, I’ll take a look at that. I know there is a node to set force feedback to enabled. there is also one to disable it. I didn’t see this being used in the blueprint of the AR template so I didn’t think that was the issue. I will dbl check. Thanks for looking out.

Ok I was looking at the 3rd person template and noticed there is no player controller in the blue prints. The AR template has a player controller in the blueprints with the default for force feedback turned on. So I thought for sure you were on to something. I opened my project and created a the player controller blueprint. I set the default to enable the force feedback. I went into project settings and selected it as the player controller under maps and modes. Now all my controls are broken. So I have another question how do I access the standard player controller that is being used by the third person and fps template so I can change the force feedback to active?

Connect the “Get Player Controller” node to the “Target” field on the force feedback event. I’ve been having issues getting controller vibration to work with a wireless Xbox One controller but wired 360 worked for me (I’m on PC).

There are project settings under edit menu tab. And maps and modes section.
You should read this:

Basically you need to make blueprint that is game mode, set player controller there. use your game mode in project settings.

You can always create your version of default player controller. Just make your own player controller that inherits from default player controller. Then change settings in your player controller and set game mode to use it. Then set project settings for your game mode.

To create player controller that inherits from default one you either do it trough create new blueprint, or if you have player controller blueprint already, you can change fwom what it inherits in class settings (somewhere top of blueprint view in editor)

Can you post a screen grab of your blue print nodes and your effect curve so I can compare to my setup? In the mobile AR template I have done exactly that. You can see my blueprint setup in the screen I posted above. For some reason this same setup doesn’t work in the FPS or Third Person Template. I’m on an imac using a wired Xbox One controller that is setup to mimic a 360 controller in the github plugin.

OMG I figured part of this out!! “We are one step closer to the treasure gentlemen.”

I had assumed the default option in the plugin had the motors on. It in fact is not the case. I just set the vibration to both motors and now I had some vibration while in the build. Still not exactly as intended but making progress.

I’m def thinking it’s hardware setup now. Getting erratic functionality with the rumble setting using that plugin. So I ask again, what is the best controller that is supported natively by Mac that has rumble/haptics? I’ll go buy one today to test…