Force feedback bug on motion controller?

We are using several force feedback on motion controller, but it doesn’t work correctly.

Play Dynamic Force feedback/Client Play Force Feedback:
correct on PS Move controller, Vive controller, (but gamepad vibrate together! we don’t want this…)
fail on oculus touch

Set haptics by Value :
working correctly on oculus touch only.
fail on PS Move and Vive

Can anyone help?

I had this issue too! When I updated past 4.13, the Vive Controller now worked with the Set Haptics however I found that the values were a lot different which sucked. I needed to create a scalar value to apply to my haptics if it was vive vs. oculus. Overall I really think the Oculus Touch haptics is a lot better than the Vive controllers. I cannot confirm PS Move other than the fact that on 4.16 haptics isn’t working, assuming it can only use the Force Feedback calls.