Force/ensure animation notifications?

Hi! I am struggling a bit with some of my animation notifications.
Some of my animations deal with short timeframes and delicate timing, and I’ve found that if the framerate isn’t very high, it’s easy for notifications to be skipped.

For instance, if have a notification near the end of a montage section, the engine renders one frame before the notify event, then the next frame, the animation has already ended because we’re dealing with such small timeframes. Since the notification was between those two frames and the animation is already completed, it never triggers.

Is there a way to make these frame independent or ensure that they always trigger?

No. They are meant to work this way.
you can try changing tick group, but it mostly doesn’t work.

I think the events on the other hand may (because i never tested this) always run.
You know, the ones you set up on state machine transitions. (Click a transition state or a statemachine and check details)
however, since they too CAN be notifies this may not be the case (a notify is an event after-all).

To time something on an animation the best way is to use a montage, use the time remaining output and fire off the event you need at the given time via >= + do once.
or well, fire it off by checking a boolean, if false run code, set bool to false. Use the end of the animation time to reset the bool. Do once is similar its just you need to loop pack for the rest.

There really isn’t a good native way to get the current animation or time remaining without montages. Or at least there didn’t use to be. They did update the animation stuff in .25 and as always its not like you can find something to read about exactly what has been changed :stuck_out_tongue: