Force does not apply to sleeping chaos bodies.

Hi, I am trying to create destructible buildings and rockets to blow them up with. All is great, I can break the structure and apply a force to the broken pieces. However, once they stop moving and fall asleep, they no longer react to that same force. Turning off sleeping isn’t really an option due to the large number of pieces and my need for optimization.

The cleanest solution would be something along the lines of waking up the pieces in the field system’s area before applying the force, but I have no idea how to go about this, mainly because I don’t know how to access the individual pieces in blueprints or anyhow.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

So 5.1 actually introduced exactly what I needed. Using the new nodes shown here works as expected, just using the “multi” version of sphere trace and including “get mass and extents” for calculating a velocity based on mass.

The only issue appears to be an index out of range crash that happens about 1/10 times. Seems to be an engine bug, because it attempts to use index -1 somehow, something that should not happen when using for each in blueprint.

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