Force DinoStats to be replicated to Client

Hey Guys,

I have a mod (ID: 920863731) which adds a costume and increases the speed of a dino based on the general tamed level-ups. This means I have a base value which gets multplied with the amount of tamed level-ups and this amount then gets applied to the speed stat via the SetCurrentStatusValue and SetMaxStatusValue functions.

At the moment this happens on both sides (client and server) parallel. Unfortunately this method isn’t very great because server and client don’t know what the other side has done (costumes don’t replicate). This leads to asynchronous values between client and server.

That’s why I tried to make those changes only server-side, because the dino_character_bp, on which the speed stats are applied, replicates anyway. But this leads into another issue:
If the server sets the speed status values they don’t get replicated immediately. They only are replicated when pressing the ingame plus button for a levelup. So this means the plus buttons seems to fires some replication function I don’t know.

Does anyone know which functions forces the replication of the status values?
I already tried “ServerSyncReplicatedValues” but this doen’t helps. I also tried some other replication functions like “ForceReplicateNow” (don’t know the exact name atm)…