Force change placed variable type in blueprint?

Is there a way to force a variable to change its type?

If I try to change the type of a variable that is already placed in a blueprint, I can not change it in the details panel.

I understand why this would not be usual behavior, but I have about 50 references to a single variable that has defaulted to ‘object’ after a crash. NONE of these variables are joined to anything as the crash also disconnected wires, and nothing inherits. Therefore changing the variable type should cause no problems. So, I would like to be able to force it.

In the past I have gone in & replaced every single instance of the offending variable, but this takes time & is really bad standard practice. It is also turning into 10 steps forward, 9 steps back kind of deal.

Hi camoogoo,

I am a bit confused, are you still experiencing crashes and each crash resets the variables?

Hi , Thanks for the reply
Yes I am still trying to fix my crash issue, but I want to narrow it down before I go asking for help on that.

Its not the crash that is resetting the variables, It is what I am doing to try and fix it.

Its only a single variable that is being reset.

Side note*
I have come up with a bit of a work around regarding my problem by quarantining a non functioning version of my blueprint & debugging it instead. I would still like to know if there is a way to force the variable to change type.

Sorry to confuse. I should have been more precise. I’ll try to explain my problem without expanding on it too much.

I am adding my blueprint ( lets call this blueprint apple ) to the level from my gameMode via spawnActorFromClass.

This plays fine until I save & try to reopen project. Project crash on re-open.

While editor is shut, I can remove apple blueprint fom the folder it is in, & project will now open.

With project open, I can disconnect spawnActorFromClass wire on gameMode so no apples are spawned.

Close editor

Put apple blueprint back into folder

Re-start editor. As no apples are being spawned, there is no crash.

However, now in gameMode blueprint there are a bunch of references to a single apple variable that has switched to
an object variable type, and none of these are connected to anything else.

What I would like to be able to do is change the variable type back to apple. But understanably, the editor doesnt want me to as there are a bunch of references already on the blueprint.

Its a bit of a mess of a problem to explain. I hope that was a little clearer.

Hi camoogoo,

Unfortunately, there is no way currently to set all references to a variable. This must be done manually. It may be altered in the future, however I do not currently have a timeframe available.