Force all players to load game

I’m building a card game, I have I new game button that loads game from slot and rebuilds the deck from that save. Only works for the player who presses it, any way to run it on all connected players?

Hmm, I think I can just save the variables in the save slot to the GameState on connect and make the load button push those values to each player on NewGame.

On second thought, that won’t work. Is there a way to have another player on the server load a savegame file?

I haven’t messed about it with but surely you could just put it in the level Blueprint? When the level starts, get the player to load their cards?

I’m having a problem with the hud re-drawing every time the level changes so I was running a get all actors->destroy and set all energies to the start value. I suppose just reloading the level would work since I can add codex reload to event begin play on the character. But that would require me solving my duplicating UMG issue.

Wow, this was really easy. All I did was add a function that loads the game from slot and then rebuilds the deck based on the loaded file and bound it to a custom event run on the server. Then I made the reset button simply get all actors of class and forEach called that function. I don’t know how I hadn’t thought of that sooner but it seems to work.