Force 11 - Game In Progress Need your help!

This is the game called Force 11. I will update this thread as I go, really need your help for ideas and the direction to take things!

This is a space station on the planet Tyron. The space station will be the main level of the game until you discover how to unlock the key which will be presented later on in the game.

The game story is posted below in a reply I made.

I am looking into doing a story type of game where text boxes will hover over the main players sidekick Cid! I have no idea how to do this. Or how to import animations and such from maya. But as soon as I learn I will update the thread.

What I really need is some help with what I should fill the level with. Generators, piping etc?

Do you think I should invest the money into the lines spline creator on marketplace? Or hard model everything in the rooms myself.

I am also learning how to uv map and texture. My goal is to have a completed game within 1 year. Please help me get there by giving me ideas and helping me figure out how to do them.

What makes this force 11? You play as 11 characters? you’re the 11th force in what looks like a space station? What is your concept?

Second observation is pretty accurate. Here’s the game story.

Game story

A long time ago in a alternate universe the spools raided the last of our energy serum.

They transported it from planet to planet as we diligently tried to reclaim what was ours!

Little did the spool know that the planet they took this valuable resource from began training up the elite force 11.

A team of highly skilled assassins which will “one day restore our way of life”.

The scary thing is… our force 11 team needs the serum to survive the hostile environments in which it has been stashed by spools. They are guarding the best resource the universe has and refuse to negotiate for it.

It is down to you to restore our former glory. To take down the spool mutants who are guarding the serum which is rightfully ours.

We leave it in you hands number 11 and we bid you well in your task!

Update bump!

I have started actually developing the story line of the game and need to model the side kick character Sid. Does anyone know how to import animations from maya? Also how to que them as soon as the game loads to start developing the story for the player?


I have been developing the story for my game and I have created a little robot character that will tell you at the start of the game what it is you are to do. Still not sure how to import animation data yet but he is placed and when you walk up to him a voice recording starts to play giving you the info for what you are doing in this space station world.

quick update

I have modeled and textured the chamber that the character will need to get into with a key in order to unlock the final boss of the game. This will be at the start of the level in the space station!

Checkout my update guys.

quick update

Hey guys! This is my newest asset for my game. Its not 100% done yet but getting close. This is a weapon selection station. The player comes up to it and presses 1,2 or 3 on their keyboard to be given a new weapon and ammo type! Works great to but here is a pic of the asset!

FPS GUN - Rail Rifle Complete

Hey guys, Been making some progress on the first weapon you get in the game.

This is the Laser Rail Rifle you start the game with.

Still working to get it implemented into the engine but its painted and finished!

Looks good so far!

Thanks man. Here’s a gun update.