Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.

On using Waterfox Classic - I disabled all my plugins including all adblockers, and script blocks but I am getting that error on PC.

If I use my phone either Samsung or Firefox or Chrome it works fine.

Is there someone at Epic that can add Waterfox as a legit browser? Waterfox is FireFox with all the telemetry code ripped out, I started using at Dream Works and really like it.

Thank you for the feedback. I will share this information with the developers of the Answerhub site

Hey Stephen,

Sorry, I didn’t update this thread. I posted a bug about it on on WaterFox github and they agreed it was a bug, and added it to the bug database.

Something did change on the Epic server for that section it is not seeing my browser properly.

From what I was able to gather they have part of the code that acts as an agent that tells websites what browser is being used. If it viewed as an old browser then the site will reject it.

They are going to make the adjustment to the WaterFox code to fix it in a future release. The version I am using if you want to tell your team is.WaterFox Classic which is FireFox ESR with the telemetry data gathering removed and the ability to run old plugins.

Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for writing me back!