Forbidden Weapon of Fellcrest

Title: Forbidden Weapon of Fellcrest

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

Song: Victor Cooper - Windwalker (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
Free Download: Windwalker by Victor Cooper — Royalty Free Music Download | Tunetank
Video Link: Victor Cooper - Windwalker (Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Orchestral Copyright Free Music) - YouTube

Name: Medieval Sword
Author: LowSeb
Link: medieval sword - Download Free 3D model by LowSeb [da574cb] - Sketchfab

Name: Skeleton
Author: sanik.pdo
Link: skeleton - Download Free 3D model by sanik.pdo [aad392a] - Sketchfab

Name: Shield
Author: ArtLeaving
Link: Shield - Download Free 3D model by ArtLeaving (@aptyphawk22) [a718744] - Sketchfab

Name: FREE Cinematic Sound Effects
Author: Flame Sound
Link: FREE Cinematic Sound Effects

Name: Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material
Author: STF3d
Link: Landscape Pro 2.0 Auto-Generated Material in Materials - UE Marketplace

Name: Light Woosh
Author: sophiehall3535
Link: Freesound - "Light woosh.wav" by sophiehall3535

Name: horror laugh original - 132802__nanakisan__evil-laugh-08.wav
Author: klankbeeld
Link: Freesound - "horror laugh original - 132802__nanakisan__evil-laugh-08.wav" by klankbeeld

Name: Fast Thunder Impact
Author: Mixkit
Link: Download Free Thunder Sound Effects | Mixkit

Also some foliage from Quixel Megascans.


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