Forbidden Prologue (short film)

Hello, everyone! I would like to share a cinematic I did a couple of months ago. This is the prologue of a sci-fi project I have been working on for some time. Everything was put together in Unreal except the score, which was created with Logic Pro. This was my first time using the engine, and I had a lot of fun with it!

To better enjoy the journey, dim the lights, enter full screen mode and put on a pair of good headphones.



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Thanks Henry!

Let there be light!

Nicely made! :smiley:

Great job, really :slight_smile:

Thank you Steve!

Hey lucastc,

I pumped up the bass boost in my headset for this one and it heightened the already wonderful experience. So incredibly well done. The audio and visuals seem so skillfully and painstakingly crafted. Phenomenal job! And a big thanks for sharing it here on the forums with us. Always an honor to see such talented creators.

WOW, @LucasTC! This was a superb short cinematic experience! The keen audio and brilliant visuals really sold me on wanting to know more about what “Forbidden” has in store for us. I must know more about this mysterious meteorite and the man journeying towards his destiny! Thank you for sharing your wondrous work here on the Unreal Engine Forums; I look forward to seeing what surprises you have for us next. :sunglasses: :+1:

Thanks @PresumptivePanda and @Zezkaii !!!

I hope to have an update soon! Thank you for taking the time to fully experience the beginning of the journey!

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Looks very beautiful. Thanks for making this cinematic.

@Power107 Thank you the kind words!

Amazing work.
Can’t wait to see more !!!

Awesome picture, but, as for me, too many lensflares and may be you should do more montage using^ for example, Kuleshov effect to provide better storytelling through visual.

Congratulations! This is very nice, sophisticated work! :slight_smile:

Amazing work!, was this UE5?

@SwissLascap, @nikburnt, @barnalaszlounrel

Thank you for all the comments and support!

I generally dislike lens flare but this infringing light was a metaphorical choice to highlight the blinding splendor of a seed capable of transforming the permanent night of a lifeless rock into a blue planet full of life. Regarding the montage, the sharp cuts define the unseen eons behind this proverbial terraforming. The forbidden genesis.

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Thanks @Ewere. The short was done in UE4 without any RTX galore. I was using a Mac at the time.

Awesome work! Congrats :smiley:

Very Nice Work

Wow. This was a treat for my eyes. Thanks. The sound design is incredible too. Cant find a single bad thing about this. Good job.