Forbidden Forgiveness - Demo

Forbidden Forgiveness

**is a new horror game that aims to play with your mind.

Demo Links:-

Xbox One:


We’re not looking for some horror clichés nor making a game full of Jump-scares whilst throwing the whole story in notes around the game’s chapters. The story takes place in two different timelines, and along the way you’ll get some help from a little girl and the two of you will need to figure things out.


  • YOU ARE NOT DEFENSELESS, you can kill and defend yourself from evils around you, no more hide and seek.
  • You’ll be able to travel between two worlds at any time, however your actions in one of these timelines (the real one or the parallel one) will affect the other timeline.
  • New and creative puzzles that will take advantage of your abilities with every chapter.
  • Your decisions do affect the storyline and can direct you to total different chapters, make sure each one counts.


Pretty much every single chapter of the game will have its parallel world and it will be distorted and full of weird things, full of many uncanny things. What you do in one of these worlds (the real one or the parallel one) will affect the other world.

Please share your feedback with us.

The scenes look really good and I like the idea of the parallel levels. Nice work with this!