Forbid child components from rotating

Hello everybody.

I have a simple question I can’t find a answer for:
When I attach a component to another in the world outliner of the editor, how can I make them follow parent direction, but not rotation ?

Let’s say I attach a floating light, in example, to a player character, above it’s left shoulder. I would like it to move whith the character in xyz axes, but stay at the same position when the character turn around.
The actual base behavior beeing the light staying above left shoulder whatever direction the character is facing.

Thanks !

You could parent the light to a pivot and override pivot’s world rotation every frame;
Setting rotation in World space ignores parent rotation:

Thank you !
The fix I use actually looks like this ; I reset world rotation of the component every tick, but I’m afraid of the useless cost.
I suspect (and hope for!) the existence of a lighter solution. :slight_smile: