For those with custom/GitHub builds, whose game projects build the entire engine...

I just figured how to stop projects to build the entire engine again instead of just the project binaries by reading GenerateProjectFiles() and IsSourceDIstribution() at DesktopPlatformBase.cpp. It checks for a txt file in your engine directory. The fix consists on:

  • Renamimg [YourBuildFolder]\Engine\Build\SourceDistribution.txt to InstalledBuild.txt.
  • Generating Project Files again in your game project directory.

Now the generated .sln files are similar to the ones in projects assigned to Launcher builds. You can Build or Rebuild your projects without any fear now.
Thought I’d leave this here since this has been asked plenty of times since 2014 and, as usual and AFAIK, nobody cared.


Good for a solo dev.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

If you have a team, I’d suggest rolling your own binary build instead.
See [TOOL] Create your own binary build for your team]([TOOL] Create your own binary build for your team - Unreal Engine Forums).

Smaller and easier to distribute via version control then the the entire source :slight_smile:

Thanks, that is super interesting and yes, we’re a small team and our version of the engine is under constant tweaking.
I have a feeling that my workaround is too easy to be true lol; I know we may have problems at packaging or at any point in further development, so I’ll keep an eye on that tool.