For those looking to start game development...

So Unity 5 is free (with a catch) now, and Unity asked some youtube channel to do a 4 episode video series on how to get started with game development (the thought process, no tutorials). I figured, what they hey! So I watched it, this series will set you on the right path if you’re just starting out in game development or you’re on the noob level. Even though it was for Unity this applies to game development with any engine or even starting and handwriting in engine in openGL.

Here is the link:

I highly suggest you watch, it will ground you and set you on the right path and will hopefully help you avoid frustration. Again it’s for the mindset you go through with game development.

I would highly recommend most of the game design videos… to be honest… pretty much all episodes of “Extra Credits” are worth watching.
They are talking mainly about game design itself with some information about the other “roles” (programmer, artist, etc) as well. It’s great insight and james (the main writer of their team) is just awesome.
Even if you’re just interested in game design and what is behind the games you play it’s really worth watching. There is so much to it!

Here’s the playlist for game design (video 2-5 are the once mentioned above):

And here for all episodes:

Nice catch, i missed out on those 4. Thanks!

Oh wow these are pretty cool! Thanks for posting them :slight_smile:

My first day here and i am a total newbie for game designs.

This topic is just the right start for me (like it was made for me)
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: