For the love of God

I´m new to UE (4.8.1). I have searched the Internet now for 3 days, but I can’t understand this.
I want to build an exact copy of my livingroom that is 2.31 meters high, 4.25 meters wide, and 3.75 meters deep (IRL)
I drag out a (BSP)Box and in Brush settings I set Z to 231, Y to 425, X to 375. So far so good.
But when I go in to that box everything is much smaller than IRL. If I place a chair in that box, there´s not much room for anything else.
And when I make a doorway that´s 204 cm x 82 cm IRL (204 x 82 in UE4) , my character doesn´t even fit in that doorway. (Can´t go in or out)
My setting in World Settings, VR, Meters to World is 100.

Can someone good hearted help me with this so I can go on with my life? (And recreating my livingroom in UE)

Thanks for your time reading this

The default blue man is something like 6ft 4in or 7in tall. He’s a big guy. You will need to modify him so that he is normal height.

Now I have tested making him smaller. It works, now I can go in and out of the doorway :slight_smile:

I have to continue tomorrow to see if the rest of the scaling is correct.

Thanks Tkfore21 for very quick response.