For the devs: Plugin Support - Need to link to empty c++ class, or can you add the plugin for us?


Allegorithmic have given me the 4.5 Substance plugin. This allows the import of substance sbsas texture files into the engine.
You can see these at work in the atlantis demo, and theyre very pretty.

To get the plugin to work from Allegorithmic says I need to do the following:

Place the plugin in the project dir plugin folder.
If it’s in engine as well, bad things could happen.

Secondly, (since its a Blueprint project and has no C++ code) we will need to add some code so the 4.5 plugin will compile.
In the regular unreal dev engine we can use the C++ class wizard to create a plain empty class:

So… That is the way to do it in regular unreal dev kit.
Since Ark dev kit doesnt have project plugins or c++ addition, I wonder if there is another way to do this?

For the developers: is it possible for you to include the substance plugin in engine plugins so that we could run sbsas files?

I wouldn’t hold my breath on hoping for the C++ compile plugin folder. That’s a big hole in the system - but they might be coaxed into adding new abilities. What’s the cost to use Substance on a large scale? It’s probably free for personal use, and maybe small indie projects – but I bet they got a way into your pockets for large corporate projects that make money. :wink:

Well i think the plugin is free… it just needs to be integrated into the engine or project…
In the regular unreal dev kit we could do that ourselves, but here I tihnk we need the devs to help out.

The substance tools are a monthly fee for indies, but I dont think this is about money - really its about functionality. Substance and Unreal are supposed to work together. A lot of Developers in unreal (and unity) use it.

Im pretty sure it would take the Ark devs less than 5 minutes to incorporate it into engine plugins: All the other 4.5 stuff is there. fingers crossed

The plugin is provided for free. If you have specific questions though you can always talk to our licensing team:

In the earlier versions of UE4 (4.5 for example) you had to have C++ code in your project or else the build system did not know to compile any C++ plugins.

I understand the devs are busy with the competition and stuff - but I really hope they can put attention on this. The idea of being able to squeeze 2 gigs of textures down to 50 megs is very appealing :slight_smile:

waits patiently