For some reason Blueprint nodes aren't firing [Video]

Hey all,

So I am making a character blueprint. It involves several nodes firing off animations and changing variables, like any good blueprint should. But I started getting some strange results. Once I started debugging, I noticed that some nodes just aren’t firing, and even odder still, even if they don’t fire, some items the node after it still performs its action!

I have a recording of this in action.

(Sorry for the quality)

At the 2:10 mark, notice how the retriggerable delay just doesn’t operate properly. So strange. Anyone run into this problem before?

Just thought I’d bump this, still haven’t found a solution!

Well I got TrentsBP finally talking to the WeaponMasterBP after I looked thru this guys video on Event Dispatching. I am still not totally sure if this is what you might be needing but we both were having issues of player inputs not talking to other blueprints and firing off those functions.

I may be wrong but your trouble may comes from the sequences. In your situation, to debug, i would first try to do a linear function (with branches, switches or arrays), to see if it works like that, then go deeper if not but with more element of comparison added.