For Olga


Hi guys, I am Alex. In my free time I learning UE4, making my first game – For Olga – story-driven single player first/third-person adventure action RPG in my own universe.

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		 			**Story Trailer**
		 			**Gameplay Trailer**

I am a programmer, not an artist so I took models from the web. Maybe eventually I will make my own. Level design, game design, AI programming, and all game mechanics I create by myself. I have never worked with visual scripting system, Blueprint was my first experience and it is really fun.

The **features **I have right now and what I want to make (gray): 1. Locations:
[INDENT=2]1) *Breezehome *– first location, a lonely place among the northern mountains.
2) *Fields *– large location: wide field, village, river, old castle. There will be two variation of this location.
3) *Gorge *– linear passageway between first and second location. In question.[/INDENT]

  1. Characters:
    [INDENT=2]1) Playable:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=3]• *Erica *– «one brave girl», which was represented in trailers. Controlling her, you are able to: walk, run, jump, crouch, melee, aim and shoot a longbow. According to my story concept, she will not be playable character in the final game.
    • *You *– no name male character, can use all Erica`s abilities.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]2) Friendly AI:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=3]• Erica – full copy of playable Erica, but controlled by AI. Your companion and storyteller.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]3) Neutral AI.
  1. Enemy AI:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=3]• *Knight *– heavy armed warrior, slow, but every hit may be deadliest. Also use his shield to block arrows.
    • *Archeress *– fast and quiet lady, use longbow at long range. If you get too close get ready for hard punch.
  1. Game mechanics and gameplay elements:
    [INDENT=2]1) Weapon system:[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=3]• Longbow, arrows. Now arrows are unlimited. Yeah, realism…
    • Melee – punch and kick for girls, sword and axe for boys.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]2) Stamina – to limit jog time for player and AI.
  1. Health. Should player have automatically regenerating health, or use some medicinal plants, or not have regaining at all – that is the question.
  2. Damage system.
  3. First/third person camera toggle.[/INDENT]
  1. Story – concept in my head.

From time to time I will upload results of my work on YouTube and on this topic. It would be interesting to know what you think. ForumFooter.jpg

Gameplay trailer is here!